Friday, December 14, 2012


‘WOW’ When I was looking at the back of me I saw a big audience. As I was getting up and walking to the red carpet to get my certificate. When I got my certificate and standing up on the stage, I felt nervous because there was a big audience in front of me. As soon as I got up my two sisters and my dad came to me and put the chocolate necklace on me and my dad came up the stage and gave me another one gave the other one to Mr Brut. When we came back down the stage, I sat down and it was time for the year 7 item.  

So all of the year 7 stand up and got to their places. All of the boys was standing on the wings and there was some other boys bobbing down and waited for their turn to dance. When the girls finished their dance the boys came and started to dance and we all smiled. When we finished the girls came and join us and we danced all together. As soon as we finished dancing we were all happy because we done well with our dance.

Then we sat down again and hand out the certificates for helping our school.  Then it was time for the year 8’s certificates and got up the stage and started to dance. When we were watching them it look to me that there were lots of children dancing to. Then the audience started to cheer for them and after they have finished their dance everyone was clapping. Then the last bit we had to do was turn around and sing to the audience.
I will laugh if they broken the stage last night because they were going up and down shaking the stage and the stage was almost broken but lucky the stage didn't brake.

Monday, December 3, 2012


When the year 8’s went to Tech, all the year 7’s had to sit down in the street. I was so excited when we were sitting down. She was talking to us about doing some tasks and activities. We all started to talk and I was shivering when we went to our groups.  

The first task we were doing was trying to make a Christmas tree with tape, newspapers, one green paper, two brown papers, blue and yellow sheets to make the decorations for the Christmas tree. When the time was running out, We all started to rush to finish off our Christmas tree and then it was time up. We weren’t proud because we haven’t finish our tree. 

Everything was on the tree but tree was standing still. It started to wiggle and it almost fell. When it was our turn to get up and do another task, we had to sing a Christmas song. The song we sang We Wish You A Merry Christmas. When we were singing, Piri started throwing little tiny papers to the audience to just pretend it is snowing and when we finished singing. Piri threw the lollies at the audience and someone in the audience tried to catch it. When we had finished our song we sat down and the audience gave around of applause.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


China has a new Leader, the leader of China changes. There was seven main leaders was in Chinese Communist Party. Those seven main leaders have picked a new leader for China.

People in China were not allowed to vote for the leader of China. It is the only seven main leaders to pick whoever get’s to be the leader.

When Xi Jinping knew that he was the leader of China, I think he felt very happy that he was the leader of China. He said to everyone around China, I will try to make China a better place. The 1.3 billion people in China hope he will make a better place.

Friday, November 16, 2012


On a summer day, the beautiful leaves swayed in the lazy breeze. Ella was living with her dad in the old farmhouse. Out in the paddock there were two horses. When they had breakfast, they were looking at Mist out of the window. Mist was eating leaves and was happy. Mist was happy that she lived with a family that is looked after.

The next morning Ella got up and got changed and went outside to train Mist for the horse race. The Horse race was going to start Next Week on Tuesday 20th November 2012. So Ella had to train Mist for one week. When Ella’s dad had breakfast, he said to himself how is Ella going to train Mist for a week? Two days later, Mist has been trained but there is one thing. how can Mist go faster.  So Ella hopped on the Mist and then they start to ride inside the fence. It was the last day until the tournament starts. It is the horse race to win the 2012 Horse Cup. Ella couldn’t wait until the tournament start.

Today was the tournament and Ella and her dad got up early in the morning got change. They went outside and got Mist and put her in the truck and left and got to the Horse Stadium. This stadium is where the Horse will be racing. When Ella and her dad got to the stadium, it was the big as Eden park. When they got there Ella got out Mist out of the truck and went to the waiting line for the race to start. When the callout said everyone has a number to 1-8 will be racing in the next two minutes. The race will start in forty seconds and please place your horses on your lane for the final race. The game was going to start and said READY, SET, GO all of the horses ran as fast as they can and it looked like Misty in first place followed by Mist and Mackenzie. Mist is catching up to Misty and then suddenly Misty tripped and Mist stepped on Misty and twisted it’s leg  followed by other horse and the race had been stopped. When they took out Misty and Mist out of the race, they had the bad injury. Then doctors said these injuries are very bad. It end up no one had won the 2012 Horse Cup and said it will happen again next year on Wednesday 20th November 2013. Two years Later, Misty and Mist lived happily ever after with Ella.

Thanks for editing my work Tau.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


When we got changed ready to go swimming, it was incredible. As we went on the stairs and got into the pool it was cool and warm water. Some of the girls were screaming because they thought the water was cold but it was warm.  When eight people got inside the pool Mr Harris was standing next to the stairs. He said to come, to the side of the pool. When we got to the side of the pool we had a race. Mr Harris had to throw the board into the water and two people have to chase it and come back. To try and get the board is to go down, push your legs and then kick them. When it was my turn to go and chase the board, I was versing against Dante. When Mr Harris threw the board in the pool, I came down push my legs and went off to get the board. I got it first and then gave the board to Dante and versed back.

Manaiakalani Flim Festival

My thoughts about the Manaiakalani Film Festival was exciting. We went inside the bus to go to Sylvia Park. When we got to Sylvia Park we walked inside the buildings, went upstairs and then we reached got to the Movie. When we got there we went inside the x-treme screen. When we got inside the theatre, some of us was looking at the screen. As we got there we had to go and sit where the other point England people were sitting. When we sat down, everyone was excited to see all of the Manaiakalani Film Festival entries. Then the lights turned off and the Movie was about to start.

My favorite Movie from the Film Festival was the test. The Movie was about when they had Maths test and when they try to do silly faces while they are testing. They had good camera shots from one person to another around the classroom. People thought it was funny and creative. They had to take 38 scenes and then it involved into a Movie and then put it into the entry in the Manaiakalani Film Festival. The thing I enjoyed about the movie was when Mr barks looked who was being silly, he already knew and then told the boys to stop being silly.

When the Movie finished,we all have to move out quickly as we can because we got to catch the bus to go straight to school. Well Tamaki College had to stay there and watch some Movies. As we got out of the building we went inside the bus and then came back to school.  When we were at school,  we all we got our net-books and put it in our bags and then we went home. By the time we got to school that was the time we had to come school on time.  The time we left to go to Sylvia park was one fifteen. The time we came to school was half past three.

My Favourite Toy Story

When It was time for my favourite show Spongebob Squarepants, I got when Spongebob Squarepants was cooking in the kitchen. After he cooked a burger and done the drink he gave it to the person that order it. When I walked Spongebob to take the food to Matt, he said thank you. As he walked back to the kitchen he didn’t knew that there was water on the ground. It was actually tripping from the roof. it looked like the whole roof was going to come out.  

When he was coming back to go to the kitchen he actually slipped and hit his head. Mr Krabs said are you okay? Spongebob said I feel dizzy. Mr krabs was trying to look everywhere to find where did the water came from. Then he looked up the roof and then he saw a hole. It wasn’t that big. So Mr Krabs went back to his office to call the Jack to repair the roof. When he already called he said can you fix the roof because there are water dripping down from the ground. Then Jack said I will come and have a look.

On the next day the Krusty Krabs was open and Jack came and had a look at the roof when he got up his ladder.  Mr Krabs, Mr Krabs. Yes, I’m coming. As soon as he came Jack said to Mr Krabs It is a very small hole but it looks to me that half of the roof is rotten. So you may have to close this down just for a week. Mr Krabs got shocked when Jack said one week. No I can’t do that. Why not, it is only just a hole. So when the Krusty Krab was closed they’ve started to take off the wood and then put a new wood. After they’ve already done the wood. They were finish, but when he stepped on it he fell and broke the wood, landed on the ground.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Bird View- Pic-Lits

When the sun was setting on a wonderful day, a bird was having a look at the view and the sun set, resting on top of the fence. With leaves down the bottom of the fence. It might be the safest and quietest place he ever had. Might be the bird always come here and watch the sun set. I think the bird’s mind said I love the view and it’s a quiet place. It was the most beautiful view he'd ever seen on that day. But then one day he wasn’t there, looking at the view and as the sun comes down. Everyday he always go there and said oh look at the wonderful view.

On the next day when the bird came to look at the sun set he had to rest on the grass because the fence came off and got replace as a sharp fence. So when any animal try to jump up it actually stabs them. As the bird went home, a man trapped the bird and the bird could not see the view again. When the bird has been in the vet shop for a few days, the cage door was open, so the bird escaped and was free to go home.

It’s been a few years now and he still didn’t come to have a look at the view. But when he was older there family came one day and looked at the view, looked as the sun sets and have a look at the wonderful wavy beach. So some days they always come here and have a look at the beach. When it was there last day looking at the view, they had a picnic at the beach, went for a swim.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Volcano Erupts In Guatemala

How does Volcano Erupts?  Well, underneath when the magma comes out it is called the Earth's crust which is the Earth's surface. Did you know lava and melted rocks are made out of Magma. The solid magma belongs beneath the Earth's surface. When there is a crack in the crust, the Magma all comes out and turns into lava and melted rocks. The lava comes down and thinks that you are spiting. The melted rocks just come out of no where and just blow up like fireworks.

There are so many volcano's around the world. They might be still alive and erupting. Last week there was a big eruption in Guatemala. 10,000 people nearby had ran all the way to Guatemala city. They had to run 31 miles to reach to the Guatemala city. Some of the people said we heard a shaking noise and started to erupt and we got out and started to run to Guatemala city.

There was one volcano in New Zealand that erupted last month. Mt Tongriro just erupted and there was ashes on the sky. There was no melted rocks coming out of the volcano. But there was lava coming out and it was just a little. It only reached up to the road and burn the trees down.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stomach Churning

We came here for our annual holiday. As I got into the car I felt very brave and all the other people felt scared. When the car was going it started to go faster and faster, people was holding very tightly to the handle because there stomach started to rumble.

We curved and curved, then suddenly the car stopped and we were upside down. It was ten seconds and it came down as fast as flash. All of the people’s eyes were fear. When we were going  right underground, I was amazed when I was riding on the rollercoaster, I was holding on the handle tight like I am holding a pole.
All the colour I see was white. Everyone said we are in heaven and then turn into a blue sky. We came out underground and was going up to the sky and we went loop to loop nearly ten times and everyone felt dizzy. When we went straight down it went speed and then done twist and some people said weeeeeeeeeeeee. That person went so crazy.  Then we saw the finish line and he said four more laps left. Ten minutes later.

We all came out with a spiky hair. Everyone’s stomach felt sick and twisted. When we got out of the car, some people started to vomit. I was laughing because I was the only one that didn’t vomit or even had a spiky hair. The only thing I was doing was eating and watching. I feel very brave when I got home and started to have a twisted stomach.   


I didn’t want a Dragon as a pet. I only wanted a dog! So the boy pretend the dragon was a dog. When he is licking him he actually burns my face. Whenever we go for a walk the dragon actually flies because he sometimes doesn’t walk. When I ever throw the stick and when I told my dragon to fetch the stick he actually picks it up and it burns into ash. The dragon flew away and never came back.  The boy came outside the next morning and knew that the dragon had ran away. But didn’t know he might come back. A week later the boy came outside he was still not back.  I think he knew why did the dragon ran away.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adventure Lost In The Jungle

As I walked into the jungle with my big eyes open I heard a furious sound. So I stopped and looked behind me, it was a scary snake. The snake opened it’s mouth out wide and it came fast to eat me and then I jumped into the bushes. When I fell on the bushes I was lying like a statue and the snake went past me and saw a crocodile in the sea. Then I saw a light coming at me and I started to run and when I reached to the sand I waved my hand as hard as I can. "HELP ME” yelled Jack. On the other side the snake went inside the sea to go and eat the crocodile. The boat was coming at me and then suddenly I didn’t see a light, not even a thing.  Then I saw a wavy water coming at me and I ran so fast around the jungle tree. The snake came with a crocodile and started to eat it. “DISGUSTING” said Jack.  Then the snake started to scream and then the birds fly out of the tree. I said to myself it is getting dark, I should stay here for the night in the cold freezing jungle.

The Next Morning I got up and had nothing to eat so I go under sea with my spear and started to look for some fish and after when I finish I cook it and ate it. That is what I ate for  breakfast. So I went around the jungle and started to collect sticks and when I got back where I was, I started to build a boat but it couldn’t work because I don’t know how to build a boat.  So I just build anything and when I finished I had a boat with a stick standing up. I said I don’t think it will work. So when I pushed the boat  I hopped on it and got my sticks and started to paddle. When I looked at the back it was foggy. I didn’t know wher
e to go. A few minutes later I saw land. It will take like about five minutes to reach at that Island. When he got there I said wait a minute this is the jungle. So if this is the jungle, my plan didn’t work. I might of turned around. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” said Jack with a grumpy face. He had no plans left but to stay here and wait until someone comes and rescue. It was getting dark and Jack felt bored because he has got nothing to do.

So he kept on walking and he saw a big volcano. It was about to erupt. Then I herad noises and Jack thought it was people so he ran and when he got there, there were houses. Then the people were
all started to run away from the volcano and this man went past me and said come with me I will take you to a safe place. There hiding place was under ground and then “BOOM” !!! The volcano erupts and then rocks camed out and destroyed the houses and trees and the lava came slowly and then went past us and stopped next to the sand. So when the volcano was still erupting, then ashes came fast and went out to sea. All the trees was destroyed and houses to. Even the animals was killed. When they opened the door to come out it was clear and the volcano stopped, everyone came out and had a look at their jungle it was like nothing. So now everyone had nothing to eat, to travel. The manager of the jungle said let’s clean up this place.  So all the rubbish had to be chucked into the sea. After they finish they made houses with bamboos and all went to sleep and wait for rescue. We made a house in the sand and waits until help.

Thank You Silas

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dangers Of Smoking

Did you know that smoking is dangerous for you ? Because smoking can make disease and may affect your brain, heart and the lungs. Then the disease goes around the whole body . 4.9 Million people die from smoking every year. Cigarette is the same word as Smoking.

Nearly 3,000 children started smoking their first cigarette. Some children around the world smoked first . Some children start smoking at the age of 16 years old. Some Adults started smoking when they were are teenager.

Nearly heaps of death are caused by tobacco each year. Smoking can sometimes cause Lung cancer because from smoking and damage the airway and the alveoli. A cigarette is made out of tobacco.

I have shown that smoking is dangerous for you. You can get lung cancer and it gives you disease and affects your body, we don’t want th
at happening here because smoking is not our future.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The London Olympic Games

This Term we are going to see what has happen at the London Olympic Games. (These are the Medals that New Zealand Have Achevie) New Zealand had one for Athletics, one for BMX, one for canoe sprinting, two for cycling, one for equestrian, five for rowing and two for sailing.  Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan was the first two men to win a Medal at the London Olympics games. The sport there were in was rowing, men's double sculls. They had Bronze Medal and came third place. Well they were still happy and their family to.

The Athlete in New Zealand that was trying to work hard and got a Gold was Eric Murray and Hamish Bond. They trained hard to get Gold Medal and then they did got Gold. The Sport they were in, was rowing. They had to row 2000 meters. That was amazing when they got Gold. It made their Hometown happy. I can’t wait for them to win again in 2016.Do you know Jamaica broke the world record for 4x100 meters Relay 36.84 seconds. On the last hundred meters Usain Bolt ran and then went over the line and had broke the world record. His Hometown was happy and proud of Jamica.

Valerie Adams at least tried her best to get gold but her throw wasn’t that long enough but she came second place. Valerie throwed 20.70 meters and Nadzeya Ostapchuk came first place and throwed 21.36 meters, she came from Belarus and third place was Kolodko Evgeniia and she came from Russia and she throw 20.48. Well Valerie Adams wasn’t really happy at all but she still tried her best and had a Silver Medal.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gold Medal

This is the first time getting a Gold Medal because I have improved on working hard. I like to have a Gold Medal because I like to work hard and want to get another Gold. I like a Gold because I want to be a champion in the classroom.  I am going to work hard to get heaps of Gold Medals. I like Gold Medal because it is very special for me.


Friday, July 27, 2012


This Term we are learning about  'Go For Gold' because the Olympics is coming up on Friday the 27th of July.
I can't wait because I want the New Zealand team to win.
We have been learning the Games with some Olympics Movies and slideshows. 776 BC there was the ancient Olympics. The first event they knew was short sprint around the stadium. Then they came with heaps of sports like boxing, fencing, wrestling, Long Jump, throwing Javelin and Discus.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jesse Owens Inspires Me

Jesse Owens inspires me because he was the one of  world’s fastest men who played in the world  Olympics which took place in the year 1936 and at Berlin. He was born in September  the 12th in 1913 and he was a Athletic Champion. He even got a gold medal for long jump and He broke the world's record. He got a gold medal for 4x100 m relay race. He went to the 100 meters after defeating Ralph Metcalfe at the Olympics in 1936. Jesse Owens died in March the 31st,1980. He died from Lung Cancer and the age of 66 and he was buried in Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago. When he was a teenager he equalled the world record his personal best at long-jump is 7.56 metres at the 1933 National High School Championship in Chicago.

This Is the Link Of Jesse Owens At Olympics In 1936

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When Is The Right Time To Swear?

The Right time to swear is when you are in a argument or a conversation. Instead of saying swear words just say sugar instead of saying the S word.

Swearing Is a bad word, and can offend some people. People that go to church say it is in the bible and is like against God. It looks like swearing is illegal because it’s disobeying God. Swearing is a bad word because I think you don’t believe God or Jesus.

Residents in a small town outside Boston, USA, have voted to fine people for swearing public. They have banned swearing and will cost (US) $20 dollar fine. They thought about people swearing quietly in their private conversations, but they considered only banning loud and bad language.  At a town meeting, the residents voted and the police chief approved the votes.

Slang Means attack (someone) using abusive language and a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Man Jumps From 1.4km With No Parachute


Gary Connery Jumps 1.4km from a helicopter with no parachute. He had a specially developed wingsuit on and landed on cardboard boxes (In Fifty Seconds). Wingsuit Is a special sport because It Is Fun. Gary Connery was the first man to fly with no parachute. He landed safely on heaps of cardboard boxes. People said only expert people can fly with no parachute.  I think he uses the wingsuit to not go fast. If you use are wingsuit you will slow down and land In the place. I think he Is proud of himself. He Is Famous because he was the first man ever jump from a helicopter with no parachute. It looked like he braked the record. AMAZING! He fly with no parachute at henley on thames In United Kingdom. It looks like we can use a squirrel suit when we are flying with no parachute.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Losing the keys to the kingdom wasn’t going to look good, especially as I had only just volunteered for guard duty. In a dark scary forest, as I was looking for the keys in the bushes I watch with my eyes for bandits and  I got my grenade and then throw it.  Then there was a MASSIVE earthquake and It went BOOM.  The whole city shake and there was cracks on footpaths and houses, building, the kingdom and the city. So everyone inside the castle came outside and then  escape inside the plane and went travelling and left me behind. Then ten minutes later the earthquake stopped and it was quiet and I only had a gun and a Knife. There was more bandits coming with knifes and then I got my gun and start shooting the bandits and I ran to the car and ride and start shooting the bandits as I rode to the other side of America.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


This Term we are learning about ART ALIVE. In Art Alive we can paint and make it look like it was painted by a famous artist. We are looking at artist people around the world. Picasso, Matisse, Monet, Van Gogh and a New Zealand artist, Danielle Hulme. The First artist I learnt about was Vincent Van Gogh. I learn his name because when we were in room 22 and we had to paint the sunflower. He painted it the twelve sunflowers in August 1888, Neue Pinakothek, Munich.  Vincent Van Gogh sold one painting for $148 Million. He cut his own ear to give it to his wife and she did not like it, so Vincent had a very sore ear.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

This term we are learning about ART ALIVE. Vincent Van Gogh was famous because he was an artist. Vincent Van Gogh started becoming artist when he was a boy,  Van Gogh painted eight hundred and sixty four pictures, he made 1037 drawings and sketches. Plus 133 sketches from letters that he made and his graphic works total, plus 10 he made which is 150 watercolours. In total that he made just over 2194 life works.

(He was born on 30 March 1853 to 29 July 1890) He was born in Zundert, Netherland.  Van Gogh started drawing as a child and he still became an artist until he died the age of thirty seven. He died in Auvers-sur-Oise, France.  In March 1886 he moved to Paris and discovered French Impressionists.

Possibly one of the greatest artistic influences on Vincent van Gogh was Paul Gauguin. Van Gogh rented four rooms in a building on the Place Lamartine in May. This building, known as the "Yellow House," was to be his Studio of the South.


On ANZAC DAY I stayed home and remember the people that was in the army died from along time ago and this year. They were caring for us, they were saving us, they were taking care of our country. I want to say thank you for taking our country safe and sound. I didn't to the parade at Panmure because we were feeling bored.


In the weekend it was boring because we stayed home and watch Television, have breakfast and dinner. And even look after my baby sister. We don't travel a lot because we don't have a car so we hop on our uncles van. When we go somewhere like our family meeting. Like we are going to make a plan to go to other country or have a celebration at our aunty's house. My sister rides on the bike and then hop on the net book. But in the holidays we go everywhere but my dad goes to Samoa in the holidays to go visit his family and my mum's family. My sister likes net book because she can decorate her own user-name. I really want to say it's the BORING is WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I DON'T LIKE THIS PLACE. In Samoa it's cool because if you ran out of veg or fruits we can go to the plantation and get some fruits.

Friday, March 30, 2012

What's The Drink For Me

Do you get thirsty? Do you prefer coffee, tea, soft drink or water. Well I prefer water because I drink it two times a morning. I wouldn’t mind drinking coffee at any different times. Even tea, soft drinks and water. Water is healthy to me everyday. I even drink it at after school.

I’ve had a Coffee before with my mum. When we always go to the Cafe we always see people drink Coffee. Inside Coffee is Caffeine, it is not healthy so I stop drinking coffee because it makes my health yuk. So I’m starting to not drink Coffee and start drinking Ice Tea.

I love Ice tea with milk because I love milk with Ice Tea and it is my favorite Tea.  Heaps of people drink Tea. I drink Tea with Toast or Breakfast Crackers. Sometimes I drink with dinner and water. I drink Tea two times a day. It is the best Hot Drink I ever had. Not Coffee and the others. I only love Tea.

Soft Drinks is a litter yum.  The thing I don’t like about Soft drink is that it is not healthy. Did you know that soft drinks are not healthy. It makes you fat because it has to much sugar. Some kids drink soft drinks after school and before school.

I've drink water everyday. Like after dinner, after breakfast, at morning tea, at lunch time and even if my throat. I hope you like water because I think everyone doe's around the world. Do you prefer water or soft drinks. Well I prefer water it's healthy. When I grow up I want to be called Water Max because I want to stop people getting fat and turn the world healthy.

Thank You Kevin

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Maori Version The English Version

Kia Ora,

Ko Maunga-Rei Te Maunga. Mt Wellington is the Mountain.
Ko Tamaki-makau-rau te awa. Tamaki is the River.
Ko Pt England toku kura. Pt England is my School.
Ko Mr Harris toku kaiako. Mr Harris is the Teacher.
Ko Max toku matua. My Dad is Max.
Ko North toku whenua. My Mum is North.
No Samoa ahau. I am from Samoa.
E Tekau Ma Tahi oku tau. I am 11 Years Old.
Ko Max taku ingoa. My Name is Max.

No reira, tena koutou, tene Koutou, 
Tene Koutou Katoa.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp 2012

My highlights from camp was sleeping inside the tent. When I went to sleep on the first day, when I went to sleep I put my warm blanket on me and then I felt warm and I was exiting . Then I went to sleep and then it was quiet. I was sleeping with Silas and Hosannah. Hosannah was warm and Silas was cold.

My favourite activities was kaykaing because when I was kayaking I flipped over and fall of and went to the sea. We were kaykaing down at the Point England Beach. I was exiting when I was kaykaing. When I got of I went into Mr Maile’s Dingy and we went to save Hossanah, she was at the triangle so Mr Malie’s went to save her and took her back to the beach.

I really like camp because we can stay after school, we can do Activities like Amazing Raze. On Amazing raze we have to make a Sling Shot. We had String, Tape, Newspaper, Rubber, Stick. When we were finish do a Sling Shot, we went over to the bucket. We have to flick it inside the bucket so we can get points. If you throw it inside the bucket you get double points. But if you hit it the bucket that is 10 Points. There is 5 Buckets. It is 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 Points.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Coming up this weekend, my mum, two sisters and me are going to mow the lawn on Saturday. It's going to be a "BIG DAY". Plus before we do that, we have to clean the house like cleaning the toilet, bathroom, rooms, kitchen, sitting room, Landry, windows, walls and the floor. We have a hard job on Saturday. Then on Sunday we have to go Church, But if it rain's we have to read the bible at home.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Camp Coming Up

I could not wait to go to camp it start's on the 12Th of March to the 14Th March 2012. I can't wait to do the activities, it's going to be cool WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Camp comes up I'm wish I was sleeping with Silas because we are going to sleep there for two nights.  It is only the Year 7 and 8,  year 5and 6 is on the 14Th March to the 16Th the March. I can't wait to go to Camp, it's going to be cool when I go to camp because I can do fun staff. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I was playing with my friends I was the blower, kane was the bating and Lorenzo was catcher. When I bowl I bowled my hardest so I can have my turn bating. As I bowled the ball to kane he hiit the ball and then Lorenzo was running to get the ball while kane was running as fast as he could and run back to his base. Then Lorenzo thorw the ball at me me and I had the wicket and then it was my turn to bat. Then Lorenzo was bowling and Kane was Catcher. When Lorenzo bowl the ball at me I was trying to my hardest but I didn't I bat it and then Lorenzo catah the ball and then it was his turn to bat. Then I went to play tag with the Year four. I was in the blue team. When I tapped the ball I run as fast as the wind and then I scored a try. Then I got bored.

Then it was time for the Year 5, 6, 7, 8 swimming. So I got change in my swimming clothes. After that I ran to the beach and when I got to the beach it was frezzing and my mouth was shivring. When I was at the beach I was diving and I was floating to. We only had like half and hour to swim. It was fun when I was at the beach. As I got out of the Beach I felt warm. When I got out of the Beach I got my bag and went to the boys and man changing rooms. When I got there I started to wash myself and got change back into my uniform. Then I took my bag back and went to my mum and my dad.

When I got there I was eating some crackers and I sandwich and a Muffin. I eat all of the crackers and finshed of my muffin and my sandwich. It was the most delicous Lunch I've ever had. As I was eating my Lunch my sandwich had tuna.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ben Carson

Bus to Manakau.
Enjoyed the wait, not.
Now hopping out of the bus.

Coming inside the stadium in Telecaster Clear in Manakau. 
A Man called Henry Tells jokes on stage.
Ready for the food like a 'Up and Go' a apple.
Soon back to school.
On the bus going back to school.
Now we know that it doesn't matter if your cool you will still be Successful.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Duffy Theater

We were watching a performance about The Best Book In The World that takes us to amazing adventures like going to space, sailing , workshop, the library and the bookshop. It was going to be a funny and true story, I think?
It was the most coolest performance I ever seen.  My favorite characters were all of them! I was laughing out loud and I thought it was like my favorite funny show Laughing Samoans.  After their performance they were singing 'I'm a Duffy Kid'.
They use to come like two years ago and now they came back and performed again.That was the greatest performance I've ever seen.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cyber Smart

Footprint is when you go on a website and then when you hop of and someone comes on where you went and the person that was on that page they left there footprint.  The other thing about footprint is when you walk on sand and then they left there footprint on the sand and there was heaps of footprint. There is all different things about footprint. It's pretty when you go on a website and Leave a Footprint.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I was fast as a cheetah . I was as short as a monkey. There was a lady that was going to teach us how to play netball. Liz  is the coach she tells us Instruction about netball. We Learn how to do pass the Ball, how to shoot and she gave us some time to warm up. So we can ready to play the game of Netball. We had to pass on our chest. Then throw the ball to your partner. 

I had so much fun with my friends playing netball.  Some people in our classroom were bored and some people had excitement. It was cool playing netball. We are playing netball four only four weeks and then no more netball. When I was playing netball I scored some goal for our team. I keep on missing goals like five times.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Back To School

It was a great start of 2012, ready to go back to school and Learning so we can get experiences. I come back to school with my friends, but it's boring my friends go to diffident classrooms but I still got my best friend. It's Silas.  It's great to be back at school.  I can play with my friends like Touch. I like to be back at school because I get to meet my new Teacher . It was Mr Harris that was my new Teacher. I really like him as a Teacher because I play for soccer and he use to be my coach Last Year. I play for the Over 10's for his Team.

Friday, February 10, 2012


This Term, in Maths, we are learning about statistics. As Part of our learning we are Examining data related to our health.  The first part of our examination we collected data (information about the food we ate for one week (2/2 to 9/2). 

The graph (or Chart) shows how much I ate from six major food groups.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


In the Holidays I woke up in a sunny day. Then we got change and went shopping we had lots of staff inside the trolley. When we finish do our shopping we went to the counter we put the shopping inside the shopping bag. Then we hold the bags of shopping. Then we walked to Pak'n Save  to the shopping center at Glen Innes. We went there to get some food for a big dinner. It was cool there and when my mum got some shopping and then we walked all the way to home down at Pt England Rd.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Treaty Of Waitangi

In 1840 the treaty was signed by the Maori and Britain making New Zealand colony of Britain. James cook rode on his Endeavor around New Zealand, North and South. The treaty was signed 172 years ago, in 1840. Maori and Britain began to trade, the Britain gave the muskets and the Maori gave the Britain some food so they can take it back to there town. Christian missionaries , who had taught Maori to read assisted in the writing of the treaty. Another group of Christian missionaries who came and teach the Maori people about god. They even taught them how to read and write so they can understand what was written in the bible. The first European explorer to see New Zealand was the Dutchman Abel Tasman in 1642.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


In the Hoildays me and my family went to the Point England beach. I went with my sister and my baby sister and my mum. When we got there, it was heaps of people at the beach. When we choose where to sit I put th sleepimg bag on top of the sand. Then we went to the beach and swimmed. My sister and me went to the beach it feel like it was freezing cold. When we swam I went to do a big bomb on the beach. It was cool. When it was time to go home we got changed ans went home to have a quick shower. Then we all eat and then went to sleep.