Thursday, July 14, 2011

Volcano Eruption

Along time ago there was a volcano that erupted Mt Vesuvius In pompeii. When the volcano had erupted In pompeii, everyone had died on the volcanic eruption because the people In pompeii had no plan to escape from the Mt Vesuvius volcanic eruption. But some have escape. The volcano started to erupted and some of the people died and some of them were still alive because they had there own plan and thats why some of them had escape. There plan was going down to the water and wait till the volcano stops erupting then It stop erupting and the people were safe but It felt sorry some of the people have covered In ash. I was sorry about that when the volcano erupted In Mt Vesuvius and some of the people was really sorry about the people that died on the volcano that erupted the one that was still alive.

Rube Goldberg Machines

I hope you enjoy My Movie.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Jazzy Bugs Band

This is a story of jazzy bands. The jazzy bugs band like to make songs and perform in the show. They like to sing and use instruments. They like to perform and sing and they are the best. The jazzy band like performing because that's their favorite thing to do. The jazzy bugs want to perform because they want to be the best band in their country. There were three people that play the jazzy bug band. The jazzy band makes songs and then they perform on the stage.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trip To Motat

On Thursday When we got to Motat We all In a different group. We were walking down to the tactile dome. But we had to wait for someone to come. There was a man called Frasier who owns the tactile dome. When we went inside Frasier told us some Insturcions. If you need help you have to say HELP out loud and then Frasier will come and get you out of the tactile dome. So we have to be a group of five. My partners were Dillon and Gabriel and Waata, me. And the others went Inside. When we went Inside It was dark. It was darker then when you sleep. When we got outside It was light. It was really scared Inside the tactile Inside. After that we put our shoes on we said thank you to Frasier. It was cool at Motat. My favourite part at Motat was the Mirror Maze and Tactile Dome, game station. I hope I go back again next year.