Friday, July 27, 2012


This Term we are learning about  'Go For Gold' because the Olympics is coming up on Friday the 27th of July.
I can't wait because I want the New Zealand team to win.
We have been learning the Games with some Olympics Movies and slideshows. 776 BC there was the ancient Olympics. The first event they knew was short sprint around the stadium. Then they came with heaps of sports like boxing, fencing, wrestling, Long Jump, throwing Javelin and Discus.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jesse Owens Inspires Me

Jesse Owens inspires me because he was the one of  world’s fastest men who played in the world  Olympics which took place in the year 1936 and at Berlin. He was born in September  the 12th in 1913 and he was a Athletic Champion. He even got a gold medal for long jump and He broke the world's record. He got a gold medal for 4x100 m relay race. He went to the 100 meters after defeating Ralph Metcalfe at the Olympics in 1936. Jesse Owens died in March the 31st,1980. He died from Lung Cancer and the age of 66 and he was buried in Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago. When he was a teenager he equalled the world record his personal best at long-jump is 7.56 metres at the 1933 National High School Championship in Chicago.

This Is the Link Of Jesse Owens At Olympics In 1936