Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mohammed and Max's Draft Writing

“Oh no it is Saturday Morning, guests are coming over”. I sprung out of bed and headed straight to the kitchen.
“Ok, I’m gonna make pancakes, have I bought the maple syrup”. HMMM?
I searched in the cupboard, lucky I had half of last times left over. “It is really hot” I flung the big window’s open wide, BANG!

“Open the door we are here”replied the guests. “Ok” I said. “How was your day” I said. “It was a great day” the guests answered . “Come on in”

BREAKFAST IS READY! . “Yeh  I can smell that yummy pancake”replied the guests. As we entered the kitchen, My eyes were about to pop out.  

To Be Continued.......... 

Max and Sonny's Reading

a. In which country is Kuala Lumpur? Why do you say that?
Because it said these concrete towers are not only Malaysia were the tallest towers.
b. Do you think these towers are world famous? Why do you say that?
Yes, Because the towers are the tallest buildings in the world.
a. Do you think fish are usually harmed by oil spills at sea?  Why do you say that?
No because most fish do not need to come up. And if they see it they might not come up in that spot
b. Why will you end up with only oil on your salad if you don’t shake the jar of salad dressing?
The oil will come out first because oil  floats on other liquids if you do not shake it.
a. In what ways do people suffer in a drought?
Well when there is no water people suffer of thirst and no grass will mean the animals will die of no food and we will die of hunger.
b. Why do you the fires spread quickly during a drought?
Because the drought will leave all the grass dry to start a fire. Then it will spread to the trees and the bushes.
a. Why (in the past) did some mothers rub snail juice onto their child’s joints?
Because The text said that if child has weak bones then mothers use snail juice to the bones strong.
b. Do people believe in unusual cures today? Why do you say that?
No, Because I think that they have made it up.
a.Do you think a deaf and blind person would use sign language?
Yes. But not for blind people can do sign language because they can’t see but can hear.  
b. Why do you think sign language has become so popular around the world?
Because the French had started sign language and spread out around the world and then became famous.
a. Do you think the people who are surprised have caller display on their phones? Why do you say that?
No, Because it doesn't say on the text.
b. How might you answer differently if you didn’t recognise who was calling?
I would answer in a normal way even though I didn’t recognise who was calling.

My First Day At School

I had butterflies fluttering in my stomach my head started to dropped and my shoulders downswing, facing down my head and walking slowly towards the door. Then I had tears rolling down from my face. Then I saw the teacher smiling at me as I was standing still like a statue. When my brave head was raising above my shoulders, I felt like it is going to be the same as I was at kindergarten. I tried to smile to the class as I was raising my head to the classroom.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Kia Ora Tatou
Greetings to us all

Kua harere mai nei
(who) Have Come Here

Ki Tenei Whare
To This House

Ki Te Mihimihi
To greet

i Te tangi
The Sorrow

Ka nui Te Aroha
Great is The Love

Mo to koutou kaha
For your Support

Ki te huihui mai
In Assembling/Gathering

Ke te awhina
Support / Help

i te reo Maori
The Maori Language

e pa ana ki tenei wananga
concerning this school of learning

Jordan and Max Maths Question

This Question is about putting any number to make the total of the number on the side and the bottom, which is colour green.  Each symbol represents a number. The number at the end of each row is the total for that row. The number at the end of each column is the total for that column.
What is the value of each of the symbols?
Here is the Link to Educreations.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jordan and Max Rose Maths Challenge

Jordan rose from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose. First you will need five dices, then you roll the dice. After you have Rollin the dice. You will now need to line them up and count the outside dots.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Jordan And Max Golf Ball Question

Jordan Golf Ball from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

We are moving this triangle 180⁰ around by only moving 3 Golf Balls. But we are using counters as a triangle. Here is the movie that we've done, turning this triangle 180⁰ by only moving 3 Golf Balls. Watch and Learn.

Jordan and Max Triangle Question

JORDAN TRIANGLE from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

We made a movie about counting how many triangles are there. So we made an animation, so we can count how many triangles are there. How many triangles can you count?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon Destroys The Phillipines

There has been a huge destructive Typhoon, that hit the Phillippines, around 300 people are dead. If this number is correct it will become the country’s deadliest recorded natural disaster. The rescue teams are heading in to the parts of the Phillippines that need help and people are waiting to be saved.

Meanwhile,  the central part of the Phillippines in Samar Island a reporter says that another 300 people have been confirmed dead by the Typhoon. In the Phillippines, Experts think that death toll may rise up to 10,000 people. Buildings have been destroyed, Streets have been underwater and many Landslides has happened. New Zealand people were so sorry for the Filipinos and they were quick to sent $150,000 in aid into the Phillippines.   

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Sample

When Matt was sitting on my chair by himself in his office, he heard someone whispering behind his back. He then looked at the back of him and Matt thought, it was a someone going pass as he looked sweaty. Matt then looked back on his computer, typing as fast as he can so he doesn't have to stay in his office hear someone whispering behind his back.

The whispered wanted make me to look at the back, but I was still typing. So he thought to himself should, don’t worry just keep on typing. But he couldn't handle it, so Matt looked at the back of him thinking to himself, just calm down and type.

His palm was so sweaty and he was still typing. He was scared because Matt heard that the whispered continued behind his back. Then he stopped typing and turned his whole around to the door and the whisperer had stopped. He think it was people going pass along the hallway whispering when they were going past me.        

Then I Heard the whisper again and it was coming closer to me as I was typing faster and faster. Matt then suddenly looked behind him so fast that he was afraid of whispering behind his back, then the light was swinging and he saw shadow man from the floor as it disappear and appear because the light was swinging. The shadow man's mouth was moving and thought it was him, that whispered behind me as I was typing. He then closed his eyes and think it will be alright, AND THEN, He had woken up from bed and thought it was real but Matt was thinking to himself take a big deep breath when it was just a dream after all.