Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing Sample

When Matt was sitting on my chair by himself in his office, he heard someone whispering behind his back. He then looked at the back of him and Matt thought, it was a someone going pass as he looked sweaty. Matt then looked back on his computer, typing as fast as he can so he doesn't have to stay in his office hear someone whispering behind his back.

The whispered wanted make me to look at the back, but I was still typing. So he thought to himself should, don’t worry just keep on typing. But he couldn't handle it, so Matt looked at the back of him thinking to himself, just calm down and type.

His palm was so sweaty and he was still typing. He was scared because Matt heard that the whispered continued behind his back. Then he stopped typing and turned his whole around to the door and the whisperer had stopped. He think it was people going pass along the hallway whispering when they were going past me.        

Then I Heard the whisper again and it was coming closer to me as I was typing faster and faster. Matt then suddenly looked behind him so fast that he was afraid of whispering behind his back, then the light was swinging and he saw shadow man from the floor as it disappear and appear because the light was swinging. The shadow man's mouth was moving and thought it was him, that whispered behind me as I was typing. He then closed his eyes and think it will be alright, AND THEN, He had woken up from bed and thought it was real but Matt was thinking to himself take a big deep breath when it was just a dream after all.

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