Thursday, December 2, 2010


I enjoyed swimming with Chris. We were learning how to swim. So when we want to go to the beach. We would know how to swim. We are happy to keep the pool at our school until the end of term. My goal is learning how to swim. I still want to learn how to be a better swimmer. Maybe an Olimpic champion one day.

Monday, November 29, 2010


We drew a picture of our favourite litter critter. First we get a piece of paper,then we get a litter critter book and choose a litter critter. After that we drew it we made sure it was our favourite litter critter. When We finished the picture with different colours,we dyed the background. My picture is a spider.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


The dangerous reapautaion of the scorpioun defend and fight with thier grasping claws is well deservede the dangerous scorpoun use thier claws to defend themselves.Also they use thier claws to attack. The scorpoun graps you and it use it's tail to inject poison you. There are heaps of scorpoun in south africa,there are some scorpiouns in austriala too. If you touch a scorpioun can poison you and it may be lethal.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


On a sunny day the butterfly lays her egg and the egg hatches and inside the egg was a caterpillar. The caterpillar cracks the egg and it comes out to look for food. The caterpillar eats lots of leaves and waits till it get fat. This takes over two weeks. The caterpillar goes upside down and turns into a chrysalis. Two weeks later the chrysalis opens and a butterfly emerges and then it can fly. Once its wings have dried, the butterfly can then fly away.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The ugly disgusting cockroach, spreads disease as he scavenges for his next meal. My sister left her sandwich on the table, oh no, here comes the cockroach scurrying for leftovers. This gross and repulsive creature eats half the sandwich before jumping on the ground, and as quick as lightening, runs away.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


The venomous arachind lays down a silk web like a trap door,outside its burrow and pounes to catch its unsuspecting victam. The tarantula has razor sharp fangs drip with venom. The tarantula strikes unexpectedly under the cover of darkness. As the tarantula lies and waits and lurks,his pery comes towards the burrow

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Honey Bee

Sidestepping, the honey bee rushes from one flower to the next, collecting precious nectar. Buzzing and zigzaging, the bee appers out of contral as it's four wings flit and spin.At each flower the vauleabale nectar is sucked up the bees tongue and goes to their stomach.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Max Antonyo's Bad Journey

Max Antonyo was always dreaming about sailing on the ocean. He wanted to sail over the seas in a huge ship. “When I get older I will sail over the ocean and find all kinds of treasure, “ max proudly said.While at the docks i saw another pirate ship.I took one step and saw a treasure map lying on the deck. Max Antonyo bent down, picked up the treasure map and quietly put it in his pocket.

Nervously, Max opened the treasure map. His nerves turned to excitement as he realised that he could find this treasure. He went back to his ship and asked his crew to get prepared to go and find the treasure.
While sailing off on adventure a strong wind came and Max and his crew began to get cold. It started to rain hard and large waves were coming. The boat nearly capsized, but the crew were clever sailors because my crew was trying there hardest to hold the boat tightly and not fall of the boat. Then the rain stopped and there was no wind to and then there came the sun.The sun was a shiner day.
The captain said we are nearly to the island to get the treasure.One of his crew found the island,then the captain said let’s stop over the sand.Max’s crew got out of the boat.The captain’s crew went hunting for the treasure the whole team was looking. Then one minute later one of his crew found the x where the treasure was buried. He shouted, Captin I’ve got the treasure.”
”Get the digger and dig the sand. Instructed the captain. His crew had found the treasure at last. As they dug up the sand, they found the treasure and put it up on top of the sand.
Max Antonyo opened the treasure chest and there was gold, coins and necklaces!
Suddenly behind Max’s crew, there appeared another pirate ship. One of the crew said, “Captain, Captain, there is another ship coming to steal our treasure!” “Quick!” shouted Max, “Get back to our ship and get cannons, and guns ready to fight!” One of the crew said, “What about our treasure?” “Bring it with us - hurry up!” Max replied. So the crew closed the lid, picked up the chest and ran back to the ship.
The whole crew was getting ready to fight the pirates.One of his crew saw the ship and shouted to the captain,”Captain the other pirate ship is coming closer.” Bang! A cannon ball smashed in to the side of their ship. A large hole was blown through the bottom of the boat and water was coming through the hole.
Max’s crew got out of the boat and ran and jumped over to the other boat and had a war. The crew gathered up all of the guns and ran outside and began shooting them. Max Antonyo ran and jumped over to the other’s boat and shot the ugly bad pirates.
After the battle Max looked around everywhere and saw that his whole crew had died. The other crew were shot and injured too. Max Antonyo looked inside the pirate ship and saw someone inside - it was Blackbeard. Max Antonyo shouted out at Blackbeard, “Blackbeard, it’s me and you, fighting one on one, outside, right here, right now!”
Quickly, Max ran to the mast. Blackbeard came out of the cabin and shot at him. Luckily he missed. Max shot back, but also missed. Then Blackbeard lined up a perfect shot and ... BANG! Max had been killed by the world’s greatest pirate.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was born in 1540 in England he was a privateer . Drake was encouraged by Queen Elizabeth 1 to circumnavigate the globe on his boat the Golden Hinde . He was the first Englishman to sail around the world and to California . Drake stole treasures, money and goldfrom the Spanish and brought it back to England.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I like playing soccer so I can get better at soccer and hopefully play for the All Whites one day. I train for soccer at home, after school. I train everyday because me, my dad and my mum go to the park Monday to Saturday and play together.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Christopher Columbus

In the 1400’s an Italian man Christopher Columbus asked his Government if he could have money and a ship to sail west to reach India. No one agreed with him. Eventually the King of Spain gave him money. Instead of going to India he sailed to the Americas where he called the natives Indians, as that where he thought he was.
Christopher Columbus sailed to America,over the Atantic Ocean,then went back to Europe. He was the first one to go to the Americas and return back to Eruope. The europeans called the Americas the New World.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Pirate Wordle

This is a wordle about pirates from our stories. It tells you the words we used the most and the least. The words that have been used the most from our stories were Pirate, leg, eye, name, black, captain and big. The least were hook, sword and strong.
by Dillon, Max, Silas

The Story of Drizzle Town - July 1

The thing I liked best was how our volcano erupted like fireworks. We worked well as a team to make our volcano erupt. Next time I would try and make my volcano more realistic and put more effort into making our trees, houses and animations.
I enjoyed making the volcano and watching other's erupt.

Michael Jackson Movie- June 25

Today, we made this movie because it is the 1yr anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. We think he's really cool and wanted to show off our best MJ moves. By working cooperatively in a small group, planning and practicing, we were able to film and edit this movie in just a couple of hours.
What do you think of our dancing?
By Heremaia, Kingston P, Max

Story Sculptures Volcano Report

A volcano is an opening in the earth's crust, through which lava, ash and gases flow. The word volcano comes from the Roman god of fire - Vulcan.
A volcano erupts when the pressure inside the earth builds up and needs to escape. Molten rock, in the mantle, heats up. The magma chamber fills up, then the magma pushes up the vent and out of the crater.
There are three main types of the volcano. One is a cinder cone another a shield or a composite. The most dangerous one is composite volcano because it erupts violently with lava and ash. A volcano can be active,dormant (sleeping) or extinct.
A volcanic eruption can be both destructive and beneficial. Falling ash is dangerous to aeroplanes, can cover buildings and make it hard to breathe. Lava flows and lahars destroy everthing in their paths. However, sometimes eruptions can creature new fertile land.
Ash,lava and gas from deep inside the earth can be very destructive and dangerous during a volcano eruption. However if we are careful we can enjoy the benfits of new land and fertile soil.
by Eleva, Iva, Kane, Max, Onosai

Volcano Movie -June 10 2010

This is my story. My animation is about my volcano erupting and my people running away from the volcano because the volcano is dangerous.

Rainy Day - June 3 2010

Yesterday I was sitting inside staring at the window and it was raining.So we stayed inside forever. I played some games inside with my friends. Looking up the sky, it was grey, so I went back to play with my friends.

Active Earth

Iron Brion - May 6 2010

Yesterday we went to a show called Iron Brion. I didn't know what Iron Brion was and I didn't know where I was going. Miss King said we were going to the hall. We went inside the hall and sat down.

Learning about Pressure - April 22 2010

On Monday Miss King gave Room 14 some balloons and then we used them to show her an example of pressure. Miss King said to Room 14 "We have to blow up our balloons." We were huffing and puffing trying to blow them up.
This is just like how the magma heats up inside the volcano. The pressure means that there can be smoke and ash coming out of the volcano and it goes up to the clouds.
Click here to see the movie of what we got up to.

Bin It

We made this movie so that we can learn about the 3 Ps (Protection, Partnership and Participation) that the Treaty of Waitangi supports.Also we want our school to be a clean and better place.

Favourite thing at Camp - March 24 2010

At camp my favourite activity was skating and kayaking. My Group, True Flavours went to Skateland and we went down by the shore. When we sat on the chairs Miss V told us the instructions. She said to us that we have to use our manners. Then we went inside the Skateland and we said hello to those people .Then we had to have 40 minutes until we go to kayaking Miss V told us. It was cool at Skateland. Then Miss V told us we have to put our roller skates away and it was time up. So we took off our roller skates and then we said thank you and we will come back again.

Camp Thoughts - March 16 2010

February 2010 in Room 14

Welcome to Room 14 Max!
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