Friday, September 28, 2012

Volcano Erupts In Guatemala

How does Volcano Erupts?  Well, underneath when the magma comes out it is called the Earth's crust which is the Earth's surface. Did you know lava and melted rocks are made out of Magma. The solid magma belongs beneath the Earth's surface. When there is a crack in the crust, the Magma all comes out and turns into lava and melted rocks. The lava comes down and thinks that you are spiting. The melted rocks just come out of no where and just blow up like fireworks.

There are so many volcano's around the world. They might be still alive and erupting. Last week there was a big eruption in Guatemala. 10,000 people nearby had ran all the way to Guatemala city. They had to run 31 miles to reach to the Guatemala city. Some of the people said we heard a shaking noise and started to erupt and we got out and started to run to Guatemala city.

There was one volcano in New Zealand that erupted last month. Mt Tongriro just erupted and there was ashes on the sky. There was no melted rocks coming out of the volcano. But there was lava coming out and it was just a little. It only reached up to the road and burn the trees down.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stomach Churning

We came here for our annual holiday. As I got into the car I felt very brave and all the other people felt scared. When the car was going it started to go faster and faster, people was holding very tightly to the handle because there stomach started to rumble.

We curved and curved, then suddenly the car stopped and we were upside down. It was ten seconds and it came down as fast as flash. All of the people’s eyes were fear. When we were going  right underground, I was amazed when I was riding on the rollercoaster, I was holding on the handle tight like I am holding a pole.
All the colour I see was white. Everyone said we are in heaven and then turn into a blue sky. We came out underground and was going up to the sky and we went loop to loop nearly ten times and everyone felt dizzy. When we went straight down it went speed and then done twist and some people said weeeeeeeeeeeee. That person went so crazy.  Then we saw the finish line and he said four more laps left. Ten minutes later.

We all came out with a spiky hair. Everyone’s stomach felt sick and twisted. When we got out of the car, some people started to vomit. I was laughing because I was the only one that didn’t vomit or even had a spiky hair. The only thing I was doing was eating and watching. I feel very brave when I got home and started to have a twisted stomach.   


I didn’t want a Dragon as a pet. I only wanted a dog! So the boy pretend the dragon was a dog. When he is licking him he actually burns my face. Whenever we go for a walk the dragon actually flies because he sometimes doesn’t walk. When I ever throw the stick and when I told my dragon to fetch the stick he actually picks it up and it burns into ash. The dragon flew away and never came back.  The boy came outside the next morning and knew that the dragon had ran away. But didn’t know he might come back. A week later the boy came outside he was still not back.  I think he knew why did the dragon ran away.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adventure Lost In The Jungle

As I walked into the jungle with my big eyes open I heard a furious sound. So I stopped and looked behind me, it was a scary snake. The snake opened it’s mouth out wide and it came fast to eat me and then I jumped into the bushes. When I fell on the bushes I was lying like a statue and the snake went past me and saw a crocodile in the sea. Then I saw a light coming at me and I started to run and when I reached to the sand I waved my hand as hard as I can. "HELP ME” yelled Jack. On the other side the snake went inside the sea to go and eat the crocodile. The boat was coming at me and then suddenly I didn’t see a light, not even a thing.  Then I saw a wavy water coming at me and I ran so fast around the jungle tree. The snake came with a crocodile and started to eat it. “DISGUSTING” said Jack.  Then the snake started to scream and then the birds fly out of the tree. I said to myself it is getting dark, I should stay here for the night in the cold freezing jungle.

The Next Morning I got up and had nothing to eat so I go under sea with my spear and started to look for some fish and after when I finish I cook it and ate it. That is what I ate for  breakfast. So I went around the jungle and started to collect sticks and when I got back where I was, I started to build a boat but it couldn’t work because I don’t know how to build a boat.  So I just build anything and when I finished I had a boat with a stick standing up. I said I don’t think it will work. So when I pushed the boat  I hopped on it and got my sticks and started to paddle. When I looked at the back it was foggy. I didn’t know wher
e to go. A few minutes later I saw land. It will take like about five minutes to reach at that Island. When he got there I said wait a minute this is the jungle. So if this is the jungle, my plan didn’t work. I might of turned around. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” said Jack with a grumpy face. He had no plans left but to stay here and wait until someone comes and rescue. It was getting dark and Jack felt bored because he has got nothing to do.

So he kept on walking and he saw a big volcano. It was about to erupt. Then I herad noises and Jack thought it was people so he ran and when he got there, there were houses. Then the people were
all started to run away from the volcano and this man went past me and said come with me I will take you to a safe place. There hiding place was under ground and then “BOOM” !!! The volcano erupts and then rocks camed out and destroyed the houses and trees and the lava came slowly and then went past us and stopped next to the sand. So when the volcano was still erupting, then ashes came fast and went out to sea. All the trees was destroyed and houses to. Even the animals was killed. When they opened the door to come out it was clear and the volcano stopped, everyone came out and had a look at their jungle it was like nothing. So now everyone had nothing to eat, to travel. The manager of the jungle said let’s clean up this place.  So all the rubbish had to be chucked into the sea. After they finish they made houses with bamboos and all went to sleep and wait for rescue. We made a house in the sand and waits until help.

Thank You Silas

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dangers Of Smoking

Did you know that smoking is dangerous for you ? Because smoking can make disease and may affect your brain, heart and the lungs. Then the disease goes around the whole body . 4.9 Million people die from smoking every year. Cigarette is the same word as Smoking.

Nearly 3,000 children started smoking their first cigarette. Some children around the world smoked first . Some children start smoking at the age of 16 years old. Some Adults started smoking when they were are teenager.

Nearly heaps of death are caused by tobacco each year. Smoking can sometimes cause Lung cancer because from smoking and damage the airway and the alveoli. A cigarette is made out of tobacco.

I have shown that smoking is dangerous for you. You can get lung cancer and it gives you disease and affects your body, we don’t want th
at happening here because smoking is not our future.