Friday, September 28, 2012

Volcano Erupts In Guatemala

How does Volcano Erupts?  Well, underneath when the magma comes out it is called the Earth's crust which is the Earth's surface. Did you know lava and melted rocks are made out of Magma. The solid magma belongs beneath the Earth's surface. When there is a crack in the crust, the Magma all comes out and turns into lava and melted rocks. The lava comes down and thinks that you are spiting. The melted rocks just come out of no where and just blow up like fireworks.

There are so many volcano's around the world. They might be still alive and erupting. Last week there was a big eruption in Guatemala. 10,000 people nearby had ran all the way to Guatemala city. They had to run 31 miles to reach to the Guatemala city. Some of the people said we heard a shaking noise and started to erupt and we got out and started to run to Guatemala city.

There was one volcano in New Zealand that erupted last month. Mt Tongriro just erupted and there was ashes on the sky. There was no melted rocks coming out of the volcano. But there was lava coming out and it was just a little. It only reached up to the road and burn the trees down.

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