Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Bird View- Pic-Lits

When the sun was setting on a wonderful day, a bird was having a look at the view and the sun set, resting on top of the fence. With leaves down the bottom of the fence. It might be the safest and quietest place he ever had. Might be the bird always come here and watch the sun set. I think the bird’s mind said I love the view and it’s a quiet place. It was the most beautiful view he'd ever seen on that day. But then one day he wasn’t there, looking at the view and as the sun comes down. Everyday he always go there and said oh look at the wonderful view.

On the next day when the bird came to look at the sun set he had to rest on the grass because the fence came off and got replace as a sharp fence. So when any animal try to jump up it actually stabs them. As the bird went home, a man trapped the bird and the bird could not see the view again. When the bird has been in the vet shop for a few days, the cage door was open, so the bird escaped and was free to go home.

It’s been a few years now and he still didn’t come to have a look at the view. But when he was older there family came one day and looked at the view, looked as the sun sets and have a look at the wonderful wavy beach. So some days they always come here and have a look at the beach. When it was there last day looking at the view, they had a picnic at the beach, went for a swim.

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