Monday, April 18, 2011

Dinosaurs Story

My dinosaur's name Is Ultimate Master Max dinosaur. Along time ago there was a humongous dinosaur that lives in a jungle. My dinosaur has really sharp claws and teeth, the dinosaur Is really strong and dangerous. My dinosaur likes to eat planets, leaves and grass. My dinosaur likes to eat heaps of meat. My dinosaur likes to drink water to get tall and heathly. My dinosaur is really good and doesn't like bad dinosaur’s. The dinosaur is really tall and it likes to sing, it likes to do some funny dance moves and do silly faces. It’s really funny when my dinosaur does silly faces. Now It’s back to my dangerous dinosaurs. My dinosaur is really really really vexed. My dinosaurs is really fast and it is really scary I think.

My dinosaur had sisters and 4 brothers. My dinosaur likes playing with his brothers and sisters. It’s really fun when he plays with his brothers and his sisters. My dinosaur likes to hunt for food in the middle of the night and in the morning to have breakfast plus in the afternoon to have lunch time to. He likes to hunt for food. Make sure you don’t go to the jungle or else my dinosaur will chase you all day and you will be tired. My dinosaur had heaps of friends he plays jokes with his friends and his friends laugh every time. The mum tells my dinosaur to come inside for dinner time. I say to my friend bye, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cricket Story

We were going on a cricket trip with my team. There were heaps bungee of different of teams out there versing us. There were five schools at Collin maiden park. It was st Paticks and our school and Glenbrae plus Glen Innes and all stars. Our cricket team were walking all the way to the Collin Maiden Park, heading to the finals to win. This game is just for fun, it's not about winning it's about how do you play cricket and having lots of fun there. I was feeling very excited and my team to because we were going to the semi finals cricket team. We won one game and lost one game and my team had a draw with the other team. Our team came fourth place and the other team from our school came third place.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Most Embarrassing Moment

My class was getting ready to run around the field. The grass was wet and there was mud. I hope I don’t fall. I felt a litter nervous because I might get in trouble from my mum. I like to run with my feet but I am not allow to take my shoes off.

Our class has to run all the way to the pole to pole. Then we started to run pole to pole. After that when I was nearly finish I slipped over and banged my back and some were laughing and some of them didn’t. Then I keep on running. That was my most embarrassing moment.