Monday, August 13, 2012

The London Olympic Games

This Term we are going to see what has happen at the London Olympic Games. (These are the Medals that New Zealand Have Achevie) New Zealand had one for Athletics, one for BMX, one for canoe sprinting, two for cycling, one for equestrian, five for rowing and two for sailing.  Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan was the first two men to win a Medal at the London Olympics games. The sport there were in was rowing, men's double sculls. They had Bronze Medal and came third place. Well they were still happy and their family to.

The Athlete in New Zealand that was trying to work hard and got a Gold was Eric Murray and Hamish Bond. They trained hard to get Gold Medal and then they did got Gold. The Sport they were in, was rowing. They had to row 2000 meters. That was amazing when they got Gold. It made their Hometown happy. I can’t wait for them to win again in 2016.Do you know Jamaica broke the world record for 4x100 meters Relay 36.84 seconds. On the last hundred meters Usain Bolt ran and then went over the line and had broke the world record. His Hometown was happy and proud of Jamica.

Valerie Adams at least tried her best to get gold but her throw wasn’t that long enough but she came second place. Valerie throwed 20.70 meters and Nadzeya Ostapchuk came first place and throwed 21.36 meters, she came from Belarus and third place was Kolodko Evgeniia and she came from Russia and she throw 20.48. Well Valerie Adams wasn’t really happy at all but she still tried her best and had a Silver Medal.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gold Medal

This is the first time getting a Gold Medal because I have improved on working hard. I like to have a Gold Medal because I like to work hard and want to get another Gold. I like a Gold because I want to be a champion in the classroom.  I am going to work hard to get heaps of Gold Medals. I like Gold Medal because it is very special for me.