Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Max Antonyo's Bad Journey

Max Antonyo was always dreaming about sailing on the ocean. He wanted to sail over the seas in a huge ship. “When I get older I will sail over the ocean and find all kinds of treasure, “ max proudly said.While at the docks i saw another pirate ship.I took one step and saw a treasure map lying on the deck. Max Antonyo bent down, picked up the treasure map and quietly put it in his pocket.

Nervously, Max opened the treasure map. His nerves turned to excitement as he realised that he could find this treasure. He went back to his ship and asked his crew to get prepared to go and find the treasure.
While sailing off on adventure a strong wind came and Max and his crew began to get cold. It started to rain hard and large waves were coming. The boat nearly capsized, but the crew were clever sailors because my crew was trying there hardest to hold the boat tightly and not fall of the boat. Then the rain stopped and there was no wind to and then there came the sun.The sun was a shiner day.
The captain said we are nearly to the island to get the treasure.One of his crew found the island,then the captain said let’s stop over the sand.Max’s crew got out of the boat.The captain’s crew went hunting for the treasure the whole team was looking. Then one minute later one of his crew found the x where the treasure was buried. He shouted, Captin I’ve got the treasure.”
”Get the digger and dig the sand. Instructed the captain. His crew had found the treasure at last. As they dug up the sand, they found the treasure and put it up on top of the sand.
Max Antonyo opened the treasure chest and there was gold, coins and necklaces!
Suddenly behind Max’s crew, there appeared another pirate ship. One of the crew said, “Captain, Captain, there is another ship coming to steal our treasure!” “Quick!” shouted Max, “Get back to our ship and get cannons, and guns ready to fight!” One of the crew said, “What about our treasure?” “Bring it with us - hurry up!” Max replied. So the crew closed the lid, picked up the chest and ran back to the ship.
The whole crew was getting ready to fight the pirates.One of his crew saw the ship and shouted to the captain,”Captain the other pirate ship is coming closer.” Bang! A cannon ball smashed in to the side of their ship. A large hole was blown through the bottom of the boat and water was coming through the hole.
Max’s crew got out of the boat and ran and jumped over to the other boat and had a war. The crew gathered up all of the guns and ran outside and began shooting them. Max Antonyo ran and jumped over to the other’s boat and shot the ugly bad pirates.
After the battle Max looked around everywhere and saw that his whole crew had died. The other crew were shot and injured too. Max Antonyo looked inside the pirate ship and saw someone inside - it was Blackbeard. Max Antonyo shouted out at Blackbeard, “Blackbeard, it’s me and you, fighting one on one, outside, right here, right now!”
Quickly, Max ran to the mast. Blackbeard came out of the cabin and shot at him. Luckily he missed. Max shot back, but also missed. Then Blackbeard lined up a perfect shot and ... BANG! Max had been killed by the world’s greatest pirate.