Thursday, November 22, 2012


China has a new Leader, the leader of China changes. There was seven main leaders was in Chinese Communist Party. Those seven main leaders have picked a new leader for China.

People in China were not allowed to vote for the leader of China. It is the only seven main leaders to pick whoever get’s to be the leader.

When Xi Jinping knew that he was the leader of China, I think he felt very happy that he was the leader of China. He said to everyone around China, I will try to make China a better place. The 1.3 billion people in China hope he will make a better place.

Friday, November 16, 2012


On a summer day, the beautiful leaves swayed in the lazy breeze. Ella was living with her dad in the old farmhouse. Out in the paddock there were two horses. When they had breakfast, they were looking at Mist out of the window. Mist was eating leaves and was happy. Mist was happy that she lived with a family that is looked after.

The next morning Ella got up and got changed and went outside to train Mist for the horse race. The Horse race was going to start Next Week on Tuesday 20th November 2012. So Ella had to train Mist for one week. When Ella’s dad had breakfast, he said to himself how is Ella going to train Mist for a week? Two days later, Mist has been trained but there is one thing. how can Mist go faster.  So Ella hopped on the Mist and then they start to ride inside the fence. It was the last day until the tournament starts. It is the horse race to win the 2012 Horse Cup. Ella couldn’t wait until the tournament start.

Today was the tournament and Ella and her dad got up early in the morning got change. They went outside and got Mist and put her in the truck and left and got to the Horse Stadium. This stadium is where the Horse will be racing. When Ella and her dad got to the stadium, it was the big as Eden park. When they got there Ella got out Mist out of the truck and went to the waiting line for the race to start. When the callout said everyone has a number to 1-8 will be racing in the next two minutes. The race will start in forty seconds and please place your horses on your lane for the final race. The game was going to start and said READY, SET, GO all of the horses ran as fast as they can and it looked like Misty in first place followed by Mist and Mackenzie. Mist is catching up to Misty and then suddenly Misty tripped and Mist stepped on Misty and twisted it’s leg  followed by other horse and the race had been stopped. When they took out Misty and Mist out of the race, they had the bad injury. Then doctors said these injuries are very bad. It end up no one had won the 2012 Horse Cup and said it will happen again next year on Wednesday 20th November 2013. Two years Later, Misty and Mist lived happily ever after with Ella.

Thanks for editing my work Tau.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


When we got changed ready to go swimming, it was incredible. As we went on the stairs and got into the pool it was cool and warm water. Some of the girls were screaming because they thought the water was cold but it was warm.  When eight people got inside the pool Mr Harris was standing next to the stairs. He said to come, to the side of the pool. When we got to the side of the pool we had a race. Mr Harris had to throw the board into the water and two people have to chase it and come back. To try and get the board is to go down, push your legs and then kick them. When it was my turn to go and chase the board, I was versing against Dante. When Mr Harris threw the board in the pool, I came down push my legs and went off to get the board. I got it first and then gave the board to Dante and versed back.

Manaiakalani Flim Festival

My thoughts about the Manaiakalani Film Festival was exciting. We went inside the bus to go to Sylvia Park. When we got to Sylvia Park we walked inside the buildings, went upstairs and then we reached got to the Movie. When we got there we went inside the x-treme screen. When we got inside the theatre, some of us was looking at the screen. As we got there we had to go and sit where the other point England people were sitting. When we sat down, everyone was excited to see all of the Manaiakalani Film Festival entries. Then the lights turned off and the Movie was about to start.

My favorite Movie from the Film Festival was the test. The Movie was about when they had Maths test and when they try to do silly faces while they are testing. They had good camera shots from one person to another around the classroom. People thought it was funny and creative. They had to take 38 scenes and then it involved into a Movie and then put it into the entry in the Manaiakalani Film Festival. The thing I enjoyed about the movie was when Mr barks looked who was being silly, he already knew and then told the boys to stop being silly.

When the Movie finished,we all have to move out quickly as we can because we got to catch the bus to go straight to school. Well Tamaki College had to stay there and watch some Movies. As we got out of the building we went inside the bus and then came back to school.  When we were at school,  we all we got our net-books and put it in our bags and then we went home. By the time we got to school that was the time we had to come school on time.  The time we left to go to Sylvia park was one fifteen. The time we came to school was half past three.

My Favourite Toy Story

When It was time for my favourite show Spongebob Squarepants, I got when Spongebob Squarepants was cooking in the kitchen. After he cooked a burger and done the drink he gave it to the person that order it. When I walked Spongebob to take the food to Matt, he said thank you. As he walked back to the kitchen he didn’t knew that there was water on the ground. It was actually tripping from the roof. it looked like the whole roof was going to come out.  

When he was coming back to go to the kitchen he actually slipped and hit his head. Mr Krabs said are you okay? Spongebob said I feel dizzy. Mr krabs was trying to look everywhere to find where did the water came from. Then he looked up the roof and then he saw a hole. It wasn’t that big. So Mr Krabs went back to his office to call the Jack to repair the roof. When he already called he said can you fix the roof because there are water dripping down from the ground. Then Jack said I will come and have a look.

On the next day the Krusty Krabs was open and Jack came and had a look at the roof when he got up his ladder.  Mr Krabs, Mr Krabs. Yes, I’m coming. As soon as he came Jack said to Mr Krabs It is a very small hole but it looks to me that half of the roof is rotten. So you may have to close this down just for a week. Mr Krabs got shocked when Jack said one week. No I can’t do that. Why not, it is only just a hole. So when the Krusty Krab was closed they’ve started to take off the wood and then put a new wood. After they’ve already done the wood. They were finish, but when he stepped on it he fell and broke the wood, landed on the ground.