Friday, November 16, 2012


On a summer day, the beautiful leaves swayed in the lazy breeze. Ella was living with her dad in the old farmhouse. Out in the paddock there were two horses. When they had breakfast, they were looking at Mist out of the window. Mist was eating leaves and was happy. Mist was happy that she lived with a family that is looked after.

The next morning Ella got up and got changed and went outside to train Mist for the horse race. The Horse race was going to start Next Week on Tuesday 20th November 2012. So Ella had to train Mist for one week. When Ella’s dad had breakfast, he said to himself how is Ella going to train Mist for a week? Two days later, Mist has been trained but there is one thing. how can Mist go faster.  So Ella hopped on the Mist and then they start to ride inside the fence. It was the last day until the tournament starts. It is the horse race to win the 2012 Horse Cup. Ella couldn’t wait until the tournament start.

Today was the tournament and Ella and her dad got up early in the morning got change. They went outside and got Mist and put her in the truck and left and got to the Horse Stadium. This stadium is where the Horse will be racing. When Ella and her dad got to the stadium, it was the big as Eden park. When they got there Ella got out Mist out of the truck and went to the waiting line for the race to start. When the callout said everyone has a number to 1-8 will be racing in the next two minutes. The race will start in forty seconds and please place your horses on your lane for the final race. The game was going to start and said READY, SET, GO all of the horses ran as fast as they can and it looked like Misty in first place followed by Mist and Mackenzie. Mist is catching up to Misty and then suddenly Misty tripped and Mist stepped on Misty and twisted it’s leg  followed by other horse and the race had been stopped. When they took out Misty and Mist out of the race, they had the bad injury. Then doctors said these injuries are very bad. It end up no one had won the 2012 Horse Cup and said it will happen again next year on Wednesday 20th November 2013. Two years Later, Misty and Mist lived happily ever after with Ella.

Thanks for editing my work Tau.

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