Thursday, November 15, 2012


When we got changed ready to go swimming, it was incredible. As we went on the stairs and got into the pool it was cool and warm water. Some of the girls were screaming because they thought the water was cold but it was warm.  When eight people got inside the pool Mr Harris was standing next to the stairs. He said to come, to the side of the pool. When we got to the side of the pool we had a race. Mr Harris had to throw the board into the water and two people have to chase it and come back. To try and get the board is to go down, push your legs and then kick them. When it was my turn to go and chase the board, I was versing against Dante. When Mr Harris threw the board in the pool, I came down push my legs and went off to get the board. I got it first and then gave the board to Dante and versed back.

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