Friday, March 30, 2012

What's The Drink For Me

Do you get thirsty? Do you prefer coffee, tea, soft drink or water. Well I prefer water because I drink it two times a morning. I wouldn’t mind drinking coffee at any different times. Even tea, soft drinks and water. Water is healthy to me everyday. I even drink it at after school.

I’ve had a Coffee before with my mum. When we always go to the Cafe we always see people drink Coffee. Inside Coffee is Caffeine, it is not healthy so I stop drinking coffee because it makes my health yuk. So I’m starting to not drink Coffee and start drinking Ice Tea.

I love Ice tea with milk because I love milk with Ice Tea and it is my favorite Tea.  Heaps of people drink Tea. I drink Tea with Toast or Breakfast Crackers. Sometimes I drink with dinner and water. I drink Tea two times a day. It is the best Hot Drink I ever had. Not Coffee and the others. I only love Tea.

Soft Drinks is a litter yum.  The thing I don’t like about Soft drink is that it is not healthy. Did you know that soft drinks are not healthy. It makes you fat because it has to much sugar. Some kids drink soft drinks after school and before school.

I've drink water everyday. Like after dinner, after breakfast, at morning tea, at lunch time and even if my throat. I hope you like water because I think everyone doe's around the world. Do you prefer water or soft drinks. Well I prefer water it's healthy. When I grow up I want to be called Water Max because I want to stop people getting fat and turn the world healthy.

Thank You Kevin

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Maori Version The English Version

Kia Ora,

Ko Maunga-Rei Te Maunga. Mt Wellington is the Mountain.
Ko Tamaki-makau-rau te awa. Tamaki is the River.
Ko Pt England toku kura. Pt England is my School.
Ko Mr Harris toku kaiako. Mr Harris is the Teacher.
Ko Max toku matua. My Dad is Max.
Ko North toku whenua. My Mum is North.
No Samoa ahau. I am from Samoa.
E Tekau Ma Tahi oku tau. I am 11 Years Old.
Ko Max taku ingoa. My Name is Max.

No reira, tena koutou, tene Koutou, 
Tene Koutou Katoa.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp 2012

My highlights from camp was sleeping inside the tent. When I went to sleep on the first day, when I went to sleep I put my warm blanket on me and then I felt warm and I was exiting . Then I went to sleep and then it was quiet. I was sleeping with Silas and Hosannah. Hosannah was warm and Silas was cold.

My favourite activities was kaykaing because when I was kayaking I flipped over and fall of and went to the sea. We were kaykaing down at the Point England Beach. I was exiting when I was kaykaing. When I got of I went into Mr Maile’s Dingy and we went to save Hossanah, she was at the triangle so Mr Malie’s went to save her and took her back to the beach.

I really like camp because we can stay after school, we can do Activities like Amazing Raze. On Amazing raze we have to make a Sling Shot. We had String, Tape, Newspaper, Rubber, Stick. When we were finish do a Sling Shot, we went over to the bucket. We have to flick it inside the bucket so we can get points. If you throw it inside the bucket you get double points. But if you hit it the bucket that is 10 Points. There is 5 Buckets. It is 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 Points.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Coming up this weekend, my mum, two sisters and me are going to mow the lawn on Saturday. It's going to be a "BIG DAY". Plus before we do that, we have to clean the house like cleaning the toilet, bathroom, rooms, kitchen, sitting room, Landry, windows, walls and the floor. We have a hard job on Saturday. Then on Sunday we have to go Church, But if it rain's we have to read the bible at home.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Camp Coming Up

I could not wait to go to camp it start's on the 12Th of March to the 14Th March 2012. I can't wait to do the activities, it's going to be cool WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Camp comes up I'm wish I was sleeping with Silas because we are going to sleep there for two nights.  It is only the Year 7 and 8,  year 5and 6 is on the 14Th March to the 16Th the March. I can't wait to go to Camp, it's going to be cool when I go to camp because I can do fun staff. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I was playing with my friends I was the blower, kane was the bating and Lorenzo was catcher. When I bowl I bowled my hardest so I can have my turn bating. As I bowled the ball to kane he hiit the ball and then Lorenzo was running to get the ball while kane was running as fast as he could and run back to his base. Then Lorenzo thorw the ball at me me and I had the wicket and then it was my turn to bat. Then Lorenzo was bowling and Kane was Catcher. When Lorenzo bowl the ball at me I was trying to my hardest but I didn't I bat it and then Lorenzo catah the ball and then it was his turn to bat. Then I went to play tag with the Year four. I was in the blue team. When I tapped the ball I run as fast as the wind and then I scored a try. Then I got bored.

Then it was time for the Year 5, 6, 7, 8 swimming. So I got change in my swimming clothes. After that I ran to the beach and when I got to the beach it was frezzing and my mouth was shivring. When I was at the beach I was diving and I was floating to. We only had like half and hour to swim. It was fun when I was at the beach. As I got out of the Beach I felt warm. When I got out of the Beach I got my bag and went to the boys and man changing rooms. When I got there I started to wash myself and got change back into my uniform. Then I took my bag back and went to my mum and my dad.

When I got there I was eating some crackers and I sandwich and a Muffin. I eat all of the crackers and finshed of my muffin and my sandwich. It was the most delicous Lunch I've ever had. As I was eating my Lunch my sandwich had tuna.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ben Carson

Bus to Manakau.
Enjoyed the wait, not.
Now hopping out of the bus.

Coming inside the stadium in Telecaster Clear in Manakau. 
A Man called Henry Tells jokes on stage.
Ready for the food like a 'Up and Go' a apple.
Soon back to school.
On the bus going back to school.
Now we know that it doesn't matter if your cool you will still be Successful.