Friday, March 9, 2012


When I was playing with my friends I was the blower, kane was the bating and Lorenzo was catcher. When I bowl I bowled my hardest so I can have my turn bating. As I bowled the ball to kane he hiit the ball and then Lorenzo was running to get the ball while kane was running as fast as he could and run back to his base. Then Lorenzo thorw the ball at me me and I had the wicket and then it was my turn to bat. Then Lorenzo was bowling and Kane was Catcher. When Lorenzo bowl the ball at me I was trying to my hardest but I didn't I bat it and then Lorenzo catah the ball and then it was his turn to bat. Then I went to play tag with the Year four. I was in the blue team. When I tapped the ball I run as fast as the wind and then I scored a try. Then I got bored.

Then it was time for the Year 5, 6, 7, 8 swimming. So I got change in my swimming clothes. After that I ran to the beach and when I got to the beach it was frezzing and my mouth was shivring. When I was at the beach I was diving and I was floating to. We only had like half and hour to swim. It was fun when I was at the beach. As I got out of the Beach I felt warm. When I got out of the Beach I got my bag and went to the boys and man changing rooms. When I got there I started to wash myself and got change back into my uniform. Then I took my bag back and went to my mum and my dad.

When I got there I was eating some crackers and I sandwich and a Muffin. I eat all of the crackers and finshed of my muffin and my sandwich. It was the most delicous Lunch I've ever had. As I was eating my Lunch my sandwich had tuna.

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