Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stomach Churning

We came here for our annual holiday. As I got into the car I felt very brave and all the other people felt scared. When the car was going it started to go faster and faster, people was holding very tightly to the handle because there stomach started to rumble.

We curved and curved, then suddenly the car stopped and we were upside down. It was ten seconds and it came down as fast as flash. All of the people’s eyes were fear. When we were going  right underground, I was amazed when I was riding on the rollercoaster, I was holding on the handle tight like I am holding a pole.
All the colour I see was white. Everyone said we are in heaven and then turn into a blue sky. We came out underground and was going up to the sky and we went loop to loop nearly ten times and everyone felt dizzy. When we went straight down it went speed and then done twist and some people said weeeeeeeeeeeee. That person went so crazy.  Then we saw the finish line and he said four more laps left. Ten minutes later.

We all came out with a spiky hair. Everyone’s stomach felt sick and twisted. When we got out of the car, some people started to vomit. I was laughing because I was the only one that didn’t vomit or even had a spiky hair. The only thing I was doing was eating and watching. I feel very brave when I got home and started to have a twisted stomach.   

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