Monday, December 3, 2012


When the year 8’s went to Tech, all the year 7’s had to sit down in the street. I was so excited when we were sitting down. She was talking to us about doing some tasks and activities. We all started to talk and I was shivering when we went to our groups.  

The first task we were doing was trying to make a Christmas tree with tape, newspapers, one green paper, two brown papers, blue and yellow sheets to make the decorations for the Christmas tree. When the time was running out, We all started to rush to finish off our Christmas tree and then it was time up. We weren’t proud because we haven’t finish our tree. 

Everything was on the tree but tree was standing still. It started to wiggle and it almost fell. When it was our turn to get up and do another task, we had to sing a Christmas song. The song we sang We Wish You A Merry Christmas. When we were singing, Piri started throwing little tiny papers to the audience to just pretend it is snowing and when we finished singing. Piri threw the lollies at the audience and someone in the audience tried to catch it. When we had finished our song we sat down and the audience gave around of applause.

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