Friday, December 14, 2012


‘WOW’ When I was looking at the back of me I saw a big audience. As I was getting up and walking to the red carpet to get my certificate. When I got my certificate and standing up on the stage, I felt nervous because there was a big audience in front of me. As soon as I got up my two sisters and my dad came to me and put the chocolate necklace on me and my dad came up the stage and gave me another one gave the other one to Mr Brut. When we came back down the stage, I sat down and it was time for the year 7 item.  

So all of the year 7 stand up and got to their places. All of the boys was standing on the wings and there was some other boys bobbing down and waited for their turn to dance. When the girls finished their dance the boys came and started to dance and we all smiled. When we finished the girls came and join us and we danced all together. As soon as we finished dancing we were all happy because we done well with our dance.

Then we sat down again and hand out the certificates for helping our school.  Then it was time for the year 8’s certificates and got up the stage and started to dance. When we were watching them it look to me that there were lots of children dancing to. Then the audience started to cheer for them and after they have finished their dance everyone was clapping. Then the last bit we had to do was turn around and sing to the audience.
I will laugh if they broken the stage last night because they were going up and down shaking the stage and the stage was almost broken but lucky the stage didn't brake.

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