Thursday, May 31, 2012


Losing the keys to the kingdom wasn’t going to look good, especially as I had only just volunteered for guard duty. In a dark scary forest, as I was looking for the keys in the bushes I watch with my eyes for bandits and  I got my grenade and then throw it.  Then there was a MASSIVE earthquake and It went BOOM.  The whole city shake and there was cracks on footpaths and houses, building, the kingdom and the city. So everyone inside the castle came outside and then  escape inside the plane and went travelling and left me behind. Then ten minutes later the earthquake stopped and it was quiet and I only had a gun and a Knife. There was more bandits coming with knifes and then I got my gun and start shooting the bandits and I ran to the car and ride and start shooting the bandits as I rode to the other side of America.

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