Friday, November 4, 2011

Outta This World

When we were on a rocket we flew out of earth and then we look down we were Outta this world and we were going to mars. We wanted to be the first man stepping on mars. When we finally got to mars we tried landed down on the ground, we carefully went down and then we had a good land. When we open the door, the steps came rolling down onto the ground. Then we started walking and then I took one step. I said I said I stepped on mars. got took the first step. He thought was the first man to step on the There family and friends, Mates they are a aliean. He made a new friends and family at mars.There family and friends, Mates they are a aliean. Mars is my favorite plant and sometimes they don't have enough water. I live with my family.We have a small village called the mars village. The sun is really hot and like lava and fire. Sometimes some of my village go to the city. It takes like about half and hour. But if it rains we can't go. I like my village because I like to play outside with my cousins. I love this plant. This might just be the plant for me. Sometimes I go to Earth, and now mars. I first went to earth, mars now. Jupiter is the biggest plant. I wish that I go to Jupiter and see what it looks like. My favorite plant might be Earth? When I travel at Mars and earth, I hop on a rocket.

I stayed there for a few days and then I feel like I live here.My friend was Braze when he was at mars. My friend said am I dreaming about me and my friends going to mars or what? I said you are on Mars. After I stayed there for a few days we went to the rocket. We put our seatbelt on and click. We all went back to our home. Our home is Eartha and we live in New Zealand. It was cool there I might go there next time and go to other plants. It was pretty cool go to Mars, It is the best. This is my best day going to Mars. I think I will go to Jupiter because It's the biggest plants I ever seen.

When I went back to my home at Earth, i think I might go to Jupiter next time with my friends. I want to go to Jupiter because I want to see what does the plant look like when we land there. I want to go to Jupiter because it's kind of my second plant. My first favorite plant is Mars because I liked to see the Aliens. When our rocket land down slowly and got back to our home, we got out of the rocket we went to our family. My friends and I all lived happily ever after with our family. I was like I haven't seen you for a long time. It's because I haven't seen you in two years I think 'said sister'. I said this is the best-est day in my hole life. I wish I will go to other different plants like Jupiter, Venus, Pluto because to learn about plants.

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