Monday, November 7, 2011

War Story

When we were on a rocket we flew out of earth We wanted to be the first man stepping on mars. When we finally got to mars we tried landed down on the ground, we carefully went down and then we had a good land. When we open the door, the steps came rolling down onto the ground. Then we started walking and then I took one step. I said I said I stepped on mars. got took the first step. He thought was the first man to step on the There family and friends, Mates they are a aliean.Mates they are a aliean we use to have a war in the olden days when we all battling for this land. All the bad aliean were all died and some of our army died and got buried and we all prayed about the people that died. We were praying that we were going to win there next war. Mars is a really good plant, we save our people and sometime we save different people.The captain says we will fight our next war. It's earth. But where? In America said Captain. In new York city. The Captain doesn't like America because they keep on coming into our plant and destroying our plant and our city. If we go destroy there country we will have a celebration, but how would we get there said Josh? The captain said we will use the spaceship. We will take twenty spaceship and then we will go to New York city and destroy the people and kill them forever and ever. So when the army of mars were ready to hop on there spaceship the American army had there guns ready and out them come and waiting for the mars army. When the Mars army were ready to go they all hop on the twenty spaceship and of they go to America in New York city. Back in America there were no people out on the streets. They were all inside the safe place. There were many America army everywhere guarding the people and waiting for the Mars Army to come.

Two hours later the mars army came and started shooting and the America army to as both teams were shooting the mars army they landed and got out and start shooting and the army of mars had a bomb and throw it where the people were. Some army saw the bomb and ran and try to take it outside but it was to late and then the explosion came and the first man died was the America army and no one was looking after the people and then all the mars army came inside and killed all of the people were inside the hall died and then all the mars army lifted with people dieing inside the biggest hall in America. Not everyone died, some people survive in the east side. The mars army went back and then had a celebration.

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