Friday, October 28, 2011

Holiday Story

In the holidays me and my family shopping at Pak’n Save on Tuesday Night . It was cool when we went to Pak’n Save. We went inside and then we went to by some food. We had to buy My baby sister staff. It was hard for all of us because we had to hurry and I went to get some food that we forgot, so I started to run and went to get something that we forgot to bring. Well my mum and the baby and my sister were at the counter. Then I walked all the way to the counter. When we finally got to the counter. After when we got out of the counter we got outside and we went home because it was freezing outside and my baby sister will get cold. So we went home and then we were all comfortable when we got inside the house. After when my mum was cooking and finish doing our dinner. We all started to eat and when we all ate we went to sleep and my baby sister got feed to and we all got comfortable when we all sleep and ready for the next day. It was my best night ever going to Pak’n Save and hard for me.

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