Friday, September 23, 2011

Aussie Rules

When I was getting exited to go and play Aussie Rules . First the lady told us some rules about how to play the game. We had to learn how to bounce the ball on the curl. Our classroom had to go and get a partner. I was with Kane, first we had to stand on our knees and bounce it ten times. When I was finish did ten bounces on the ball, i gave the ball to Kane and he had to do it to. After Kane did ten Bounces and then we had to stand up and do ten bounces and when I finish I gave it to Kane and he had to do it to. When we finish did ten bounces we had to sit on the field. Then the lady told us how to pass the ball. We had to think that we are holding a Ice-Cream cone but we are not and then our other hand is to use it to hold the ball. Then we get the Ice-Cream cone and squash the ball. That's how you do a pass on the game.

On the next morning we had to go Aussie Rules again. We had to do another Lesson. We had to get a partner. Our class had to get in pairs of two. After we've finish we had to sit down. We had to do Ninja Knees. How to do this we have to do like a sit up but you have stand still and you have to use your hand and bust there hand down. Who ever finish they have to sit back down on the grass. After that we had to go back to class. Aussie Rules was really fun and really cool. We have to go to Aussie rules every Thursday's. I really like going to Aussie Rules because I like going Aussie Rules on Thursday's.

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