Friday, September 16, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011


On Friday 9th September we watched the game of Tonga Taking on the All Blacks. There were standing singing the National Anthem. The Tonga team sing there National Anthem, after that the New Zealand sang there National Anthem. Then the All Blacks did there Haka in front of the Tonga. When the All Blacks Finish there Haka they started to play the first half. When I came back It was half time and the points was 25-6. 

When I came back from dinner I looked at the points on full time, the All Blacks took the lead and beat the Tonga and the points was 41-10. The All Blacks has won and Beaten the Tonga at the Rugby World Cup 2011 at Eden Park. I couldn't believe that the all blacks beaten the Tonga In Rugby World Cup 2011. I haven't watch a Rugby World Cup In my life.

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