Monday, March 4, 2013

Red Rope

The Puller
As a man was walking in the snow one day, I saw a rope. That rope came out of nowhere. It was hanging from the  sky. I was thinking Where was this coming from?
I felt too scared to pull  the rope, but my curiosity was strong. Then all of a sudden as soon as I pulled the rope they sky turned dark.
It looked like it was fun for me, so I pulled the rope again and the lights was on. It felt like that I was in my room turning the light off and on. Then I did it again and I heard people shouting and saying where is the light. It can’t be that dark so fast.  

So I had a idea of moving here in the snowy hill. Where I can pull the rope to see if it is time for bed or to get up in a sunny day. I felt like I am the boss of day/night. Two years later. I walked up in the morning and as soon as I got to the front door there was no rope. It felt strange because the rope was supposed to be here. While I can’t do daytime. It looks like we gonna have to live with no light. Everyone was angry because the sun is not rising.  

The Non-Puller
When I was walking I got hit by something. But when I stood up I saw one long rope. It was hanging in the sky. I thought I was dreaming but when I slapped myself it was still there.
It felt strange so when I touched the rope, someone saw me touched it

One year later, I came outside of my door and started to run to the rope and the rope was still there. It was still the same colour and it was not freezing and has no ice. I touched the rope and it was hot. I think this rope is coming from the sun. It was snowy, so I had a think. I think if I pull this rope it will turn into summer because the rope is hot and it is snowy. But I was d said don’t pull the rope because something bad might happen. So I took a few steps back and when that person was gone, I ran to the rope and I said 3, 2, 1, I didn’t want to pull the rope because of what that scared to pull the rope because I was still thinking of what that person said. I can not get it out of my head. It was making me scared and nervous.

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