Wednesday, March 27, 2013


On a sunny day people swimming on a lovely sandy beach. It looked fine having a swim at the beach. I hope this day will be fine cause I might go for a swim. So I was walking to the sand and when I touch the water with my legs. It was cold until I stayed in the water about five minutes and the water started to get warm. So I went for a swim for a warm up.   

As I was swimming in the sea, I saw John swimming without stopping until it got deep he got up and he was going up and down. He was waving at me and said ‘HELP ME’. It was too far to rescue him. I had no idea what to do. I didn't had a clue, I got scared and people were yelling and saying that someone is drowning. The lifeguards had taken a break. The other one was sleeping because it’s been a long day.

Until I heard people yelling and said Doggie Dog, it’s him. Doggie Dog swam fast as he can to go and rescue Jack and Jack was holding onto Doggie Dog and took him back to land. Then everyone started to cheer for doggie dog and Doggie Dog had disappeared. The lifeguard had woken up and Jack was lying on the ground and was still alive.

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