Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Black Hole Narrative

When I was working my way printing out work papers, it was quiet in the room. As I press the print out button. My papers didn’t print out and started to press the button four times and A paper got printed out and it had a hole.

As I touched the hole, my hand felt nervous to touch and when I touched it and put my hand through. I didn’t felt nervous until my hand was through the hole. I stuck the paper onto the door and opened the door. When I opened the door I grab the keys out for the key box and went to stole the car. I turned on the engine and crash my way through the glass.   

As I was driving my new car, I went to the atm machine and took the paper and stuck it to the machine and put my hand through trying to grab out the money. I said to myself  I am a millionaire and then put half my body into the machine and then I put my whole body inside the atm machine. I was trying to find my way out. But I was trapped in the machine.

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