Wednesday, August 31, 2011


In the weekends I went to my cousins house on my uncles car. My Mum and my Dad, Sister, Baby sister and Me. He dropped us of to my cousins house. My uncle was coming with his wife. As soon we got to my cousins house I got out of the car. When I got Inside the house, I saw my cousins and my aunty's and my uncles, Grandparents. I was watching sky on the TV. We were watching Alice In the wonderland. That was the bes-test Movie ever. And then my aunty's told to us we have to eat now. So we get our plates and we started to pray and after we finish pray we started to eat. The food was yummy and we were foul after that we went to play outside. We were all playing touch expect for the girls. They were playing there own game. After we were playing touch we went back Inside and we went to watch a Movie. We watched the Movie until night time. But I and my family went early. I went home like about Four O'Clock. When we got home we went shower one at a time and we went sleep and wake up tomorrow.

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