Monday, June 27, 2011

The Rat And Snake

Once there was a rat running around and there was a snake trying to get the rat and eat It because the snake was hungry. So the snake got an Idea. He will hide on the bushes and wait for the rat to come and then eat the rat. So the rat came quickly and SNAP the snake got the rat and then eat the rat. The snake was going back and hide back to the bushes and waited for the other animals If they pass me. The snake was still hungry so he waited for a rat to come because he want dinner and...................... SNAP the snake got the rat and the snake ate the second rat. The snake was hiding back to the bush, and went to sleep.

Then the next morning the snake woke up and he had nothing to eat for breakfast so he wait for some food to eat. The snake was really dangerous. There was a man that owns the zoo. He gave some meat to the snake and the snake ate all of the meat and the man went back. Then the snake went back to the bushes and went to sleep. The snake wake up and heard something It was people coming, then he went back to sleep they were all looking at the biggest and strongest. He can kill human and animals. Then the snake went back to sleep and people were at the zoo. Then the zoo was close and no one at the zoo and the man came back and gave him some meat and then he woke up and ate the meat. After he had finish his meat and went back to sleep. The man said goodnight to the snake.

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