Monday, June 20, 2011

Tallest Tower

On the first day of term 2 we had the opportunity to make a tower. Our teacher said It is a challenge, see who have the tallest tower in the class. So we have 10 papers and a meter of a tape and a scissors, glue. We worked really hard and try-ed our best to make our tower the tallest tower. We try to make our tower stand but It didn’t work and we try heaps of times.

I worked as a group. My group was William, Roman, Me. We build. We used a tape and scissors, glue, 10 papers. We worked as a group to try and make the tallest tower. We build the tower on Thursday. We build It our class In room 16. We built the tower with scissors and a meter of tape,glue. The tower was made William, Roman and me.

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