Monday, December 16, 2013

Camp Keswick

We were at Rotorua at Keswick because we were doing Camp for 3 Days. I was excited to go to Camp. At Keswick it was cool because we had great times there. The Boys slept at the Lodge and The girls slept in rooms. It was a long drive from Auckland To Rotorua.  

My boring part of camp was going to the Bushwalk. It was so long we had to walk up and down, I was so tired. But I kept on walking and then at the end it was so tiring. And It wasn't fun at all. I wanted some water because I had a dryed throat and it was so hot.  

My favourite part of Camp is the Luge because we were driving in these car and racing down the hills and turning. It was actually my first time in the Luge. It was Amazing at Camp and I wanted to do it again. I went in the Luge twice.

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