Thursday, May 16, 2013


I think the Heart Attack Grill should not be allowed here in Glen Innes because it makes people obese and unhealthy. We should not allow unhealthy restaurants here that will make people obese.

When people go to the Heart Attack Grill, they get obese and they won’t care about their bodies. The spokesman has passed away because he ate at the Heart Attack Grill everyday.

We need to stop The Heart Attack Grill because it is killing people and it will make our country unhealthy for the young ones and make them obese. Obese people may have health problems.

Their food has more fat, sodium, sugar and oil than regular takeaways. The burger looked disgusting to me. All the oil dripping down from the burger. I just didn't want to eat it. Their food is fat because it fried in animal fat.

People said they wanted more Jobs so we asked if we can open any kind of store from America and The Heart Attack Grill wanted to have a new store here in G.I , Auckland in New Zealand.

Despite perhaps providing more jobs, is it really necessary to damage our community, or should you keep your young ones healthy when they are older and prevent obesity increases in G.I?

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