Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Burger 200 Word Story

Matt was reading his newspaper and drinking his tea, he was trying to find a job. He didn't had a job nearly three years. Matt did  not have enough money to buy the stuff that he needed. There was a new store opening called Burger Island, and Matt wanted to go and see if there were any jobs there.

Grabbing his keys, Matt drove off, speeding towards a new job. He wanted to rush and find the job.    

Matt arrived at Burger island and he was inspired, the name of the place was called Jack and Jill The Burger. Walking inside, Matt  went to the counter and ordered The Jack and Jill Burger. The place was very busy, for sure they’d need new chefs.

Matt wanted to talk to the owner to ask if he could have a job here. Luckily for him the owner said yes. He was so happy and couldn't stop saying Thank You so much.  

Now Matt chop chop chops and cooks the food for all these lovely people. With four chefs they still had to cook over a hundred burgers each.
It was nearing midnight and they had almost sold and cooked five hundred burgers.

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