Thursday, April 18, 2013

What A Crazy Term We Had

It was an exciting term this year. It was exciting and surprising because I had the same teacher again. It was hard work this term but was surprising. I enjoyed this class with my teacher. The thing I had succeed is doing animations editing on I Movie and sharing my work and put it on my Blogger. The thing I like to do in class is sports. We play sports with other classes to race against them at capture the flag. It’s fun because we race against classes. The classes we were playing was room 19 and 20. It is sometimes boring for other kids but I love to sports. The thing I will be focusing on term 2 is working more in writing and getting my work done. The biggest challenge for me this term was trying to write a script for a maths movie and how to put it on animation. Next Term it might be hard work but I am looking forward to be more helpful and listen carefully to instructions. I hope I will enjoy this term and next term.  

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