Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lollipop Moments

 As our class was watching lollipop moments, there was a man change some people’s lives around the world. This man tells a story about his lollipop moments and shares it around the world.

Lollipop moments is when you care for someone and you give them something nice to them on their birthday party or even when they get something good at a job you can still celebrate.I think he says if there are little things you need to celebrate, you can still celebrate if it is small things and bigger things. You can celebrate from a birthday party, barbecue and other stuff you really need to celebrate.

I use to have a lollipop moment and when I got home my sister started running to me and I got out a truck that was made out of wood, I soon as I gave it to her she felt happy and started to play with it and that was my lollipop moments that I can still remember. 

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