Thursday, February 14, 2013

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
It looks like a good day playing on a sunny day. So we had to pick a game and the whole class agreed with Capture The Flag because that is the longest game and Midnight only takes about ten- fifteen minutes but Capture The Flag takes a hour to play. So some of the boys in our class had to go and get the cones and the flag. So when we got to the field, they went to set up the field with the cones and the flag and the halfway line. I think we were playing after Morning Tea.  

As I was running like a cheetah to the half line, I was running to get the flag to make our group have a point. When I went for my first run I was creeping on the sideline running as slow as I can but then I got caught and got tagged. It took about ten-fifteen seconds and then wyatt rescued me and went back to halfway. Then I went for my second run and then all of a sudden, someone was chasing after me and then I ran as fast as I can to the halfway line and I almost got tagged and then I made it back to halfway on time and he was still following me and I ran to go and tag him but he got on his halfway quickly. The first point was to our group. We were winning with only one point and then we had a handshake celebrating our first point.  

That was the best day I ever had. I had fun playing Capture The Flag with the classroom and we went to bring the cones and we had to take the cones back and I had the best class. I like to play again and get lots of points to make our team win again.

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