Monday, December 5, 2011

The Santa Parade

In the weekends me and my family went to the parade at Panmure. We just went there to see the Parade on Saturday 3rd December 2011. My favorite part at the Parade was when some people gave me some Lollies and my other favorite the thing at the Parade was the Rock Climbing because I like Rock Climbing. When the Parade was finish me and my family went to at the back of the shops because there were Children's playground at the back there were Rock Climbing and all other things for the Kids to enjoy. But I still had the most boring day ever. My sister went Rock Climbing and me and my mum, my dad and my Baby sister was watching my sister doing Rock Climbing and we all Cheered to her and she kept Climbing.

I liked going to the Parade and sometimes not. I think this Parade is a Litter Exiting, i think? When I went to the Library I saw my friend Carlos and I said Supp and he supp back to me. After me and my family came out of the Library we went to see if the Parade was Finish me and my family went home and went for a rest and get ready for tomorrow for Sunday.

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