Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Three Little Bears And The Big Bad Goldilock

There once lived the three little bears. The bears didn't had enough food and could not pay the bills. The three little bears were so frustrated and had spend all the money by paying the bills. Then they had a Idea of going to Goldilocks house. The three little bears were watching Television and heard that if your house was destroyed called the house money. We will give you some money and repairing is for free from house builders. So call now at 0800 House Money, Now.     

So the three little bears went out to go to the big bad Goldilocks house. They grabbed out a hammer each and they started destroying Goldilocks house. When the big bad Goldilocks came back, she started to get angry and the three little bears ran all the way home and Goldilocks was chasing after the three little bears all the way to home so that Goldilocks can destroy it and the three little bears get some money from the house money.   

When Goldilocks came to the three little bears house, Goldilocks was starting to destroy the three little bears house and breaking it to pieces. Goldilocks destroyed their house until it was busted down. The three little bears were really scared and Goldilocks was so angry. Then the police had had came and then sting Goldilocks and she fell and went to sleep. The Police put her inside the police truck and had to been taken to the police station. The three little bears lived happily ever after with house money building their house.   

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